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Covenant Desserts

When sugar was introduced to Portugal in the 1400s, nuns started mixing it with egg yolk (often left over from using the whites when ironing priests clothes), flour, and almonds, establishing the basic ingredients of convent sweets.

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Portugal Pictues


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Madeira Island Pictures


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Azore Island Pictures


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Madeira Pictures

Piri piri peppers

Some history of the Peri-Peri peppers

Birdseye peppers originally came from the Americas (as do all chili peppers). It was brought to Spain and Portugal in the wake of Christopher Columbus’ voyages; it found its way down into Brazil via Portuguese traders.

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Madeira Island Food

This article from TasteAtlas has must try foods when visiting the Island

food tour

Madeira Food & Cultural Tour

A link to a Madeira food tour company focused on culinary experiences in Funchal.

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Tours of Porto

I used this company to tour the Doral Valley.  I was a great experience!

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Azores Islands food tours

Unforgettable food experience that will make you enjoy the islands in a special way

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Video History Bacalhau fisherman

To the history of cod fishing in the north Atlantic.- Dorymen

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A link to a article about Portuguese sausages.

What is the difference between Chouriço and Linguiça. What is  Morcela, farinheira, alheira, salpicão, and Paio 


Tourist and Resident Guide to Portugal, Madeira & The Azores

 A website for  travelers to Portugal: hotel accommodation booking services, flight reservations, Portugal visa information, travel insurance for Portugal, Pousadas, airport parking, weather forecasts and mobile phone rental.

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The history of Japanese (Portuguese) Tempura

 This is a link to the fascinating history of the tempura style of cooking. For my recipe click on – Peixinhos da Horta ( Portuguese Tempura Vegetables)

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How a Thirst forPortuguese Wine Fueled the American Revolution

 This is an Atlas Obscura link to the history of Madeira Wine. Why was it used to toast the declaration of independence? 

Click for Madeira Wine Sauce Recipe

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Fado Music- A one hour long compilation

This YouTube vidoe has an hour of great Fado muisic – Free!  Play it at you next dinner party

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Link to some history about Migas

This YouTube video explain some of the tradition of migas.

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The Seven Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy

Sete Maravilhas de Portugal is an organisation funded by the Ministry of Culture which was given the tricky task of coming up with a list of the seven wonders of Portuguese gastronomy.  Click here for my Traditional Caldo Verde Soup Recipe


Francesinha Portugal's hangover sandwich??

This is a link to the history of the famous sandwich from are Northern Portugal

Francesinha Sandwich Recipe

Click here



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Link to: Why a Volcano Is Crucial to This Azorean Chef’s Homestyle Stew

This is a link to an Atlas Obscura artical on Portugal’s National dish cozido.

My cozido recipe



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Historical Background of the Holy Ghost Feasts in North America

A link to an article about the tradition of the Holy Ghost Sopas Feasts. 

Portuguese Holy Ghost Soup Recipe

sardines canned

History of Canned Sardines

A link to an article: Portuguese canned fish have an important role in the history and culture of the country.

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Portugal's influence on Japanese cuisine

A link to an atlas obscura article: “Inside a 17th Century ‘Barbarian’ Cookbook from Japan”

Click to go to my Escabeche Recipe (nanban cuisine)

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Pasteis de Nata History

A link to an atlas obscura article: 

Pasteis de Nata Recipe


Learn to speak European Portuguese


Pimsleur Portuguese (European) Conversational Course – Level 1 Lessons 1-16 CD: Learn to Speak and Understand European Portuguese

Portuguese Bolo do Caco bread from Madeira Island

Portuguese Tremoços (Lupini Beans)

A brief history about the delicious bar snack seen throughout Portugal and the Mediterranean.

Portuguese Bolo do Caco bread from Madeira Island

History of Portuguese Chá (Tea)

A brief history about Portugal’s role in bringing tea to Europe

Portuguese Bolo do Caco bread from Madeira Island

The influence of Portugal on Chinese Cuisine

For hundreds of years Macau China was a Portugal’s colony.