Cooking Tips & Techniques

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Bread Making

 If you weren’t lucky enough to grow up with Voa in the kitchen, these bread making tips and charts will help you improve you skills.


Tips for using gelatin

 You could stabilize whipped cream, thicken and enrich sauces.

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How to Prepare Bacalhau

You need to soak the bacalhau in water to rehydrate and desalinate it. Do this in the fridge, covered. Most recipes say to soak it for 24 hours

temperature thermometer

Knowing your key temperatures makes you a better cook

When you understand how temperature affects food; everything from denaturing proteins, the color of food, food safety, the power of steam to raise bread….

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Tips for Custards, Flan, & Quiche

This article has some great tips and ratios to use when making custard’s amd flan

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Brines, Marinades and Rubs

Learning these steps could take you to a new level in your cooking abilities

Piri piri peppers

Tips on how to thicken soups, stews, and sauces

These are great techniques every cook should know thickening with: flour, corn starch, egg yolks, reduction, purée, and xanthan gum

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Slow Cooking

Learn the art of brasing, stewing in smoking. This technique slowly change is a tough piece of meat into a tender masterpiece!